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Database Tour Pro Crack Its effective Developer Tools to encourages you like a provesional engineers.Getting to various sorts of databases (for instance, dBase, Paradox, content, CSV, Interbase, Firebird, Microsoft Access, Microsoft Excel, Oracle, SQL Server). Advantageous survey and altering a very good.Database Tour Pro Apk Crack full free download from here.

Database Tour pro Keygen Database Tour Pro gives you a chance to spare, load and print SQL contents or history, and investigate an extensive variety of predefined inquiry formats which can be flawlessly embedded into the undertaking, as select, refresh, embed and erase, include or drop field, and make see or make table.Tables can be made, erased, discharged, copied, renamed or stuffed. You can permit table altering, see erased records, set a table secret word, change the dialect driver, include, evacuate, rename and resize fields, include, erase or recover files, look at the table family, and also check referential respectability.It utilized low CPU and low-to-direct RAM, and executed client summons swiftly.Its interface needs a few enhancements in the visual office, however. Something else, Database Tour Pro ought to fulfill the inclinations of many propelled clients searching for a cross-database report developer.


  • Getting to various sorts of databases.
  • Making tables.
  • Review information.
  • Altering information.
  • A few approaches to print information.
  • Worked in report motor, which permits to create the reports naturally or by utilizing a visual report creator with formats, articulations, review and so on.
  • Articulation manufacturer for report articulations.
  • Building and executing SQL questions.
  • Support for execution of multi explanation SQL contents.
  • Punctuation featuring in SQL editorial manager.
  • Support for parameterized SQL inquiries.
  • Improved database matrices, which permit to see and control the information in the most helpful way, including arranging by clicking section header, changing line statures, resizing segments and so forth.
  • Making, erasing, changing BDE pseudonyms.
  • Charge line bolster for executing inquiries, opening tables, send out import operations, stacking reports and so on with logging the performed operations.
  • Looking and supplanting content in database with capacity to pick fields, record go and so on.
  • Bringing in information to table from another table or an inquiry.
  • Sending out information from open table or question to expansive number of record groups like content, CSV, HTML, XLS, XML, RTF, DBF or to any of bolstered database designs.
  • Replicating information to clipboard.
  • Ascertaining numeric fields (total, avg, min, max, tally).
  • Review and altering Blob information, for example, MEMO, realistic, RTF.
  • Devices for altering content fields (trimming, changing instance of images, supplanting content).
  • Arranging (legitimate and physical) information.
  • Sifting information as per client’s criteria.
  • Review table and database structure with capacity to print, duplicate, sort it.
  • Reindexing tables.
  • Altered information see (text style, foundation).
  • Contingent designing information in database matrices and reports.
  • Capacity to control exchanges physically.
  • Putting away database and SQL history.


  • ADO 2.1+ or BDE 5.0+ or Interbase


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