Wise Folder Hider Pro 3.41 License Key Download

Wise Folder Hider Pro Crack Download: 

Wise Folder Hider Pro 3.41 license key: A Simple to use utility to password protect your sensitive files and folders.

A Brief Introduction: 

Wise Folder Hider Pro 3.41 keygen as the name indicates is a wise utility that is used to protect your files, folders, USB drives buy hiding them and making them protected with the help of password. Wise Folder Hider Pro serial key follows a no clean non-sense interface along with drag and drop functionality that makes it very easy to use and interact with. The program allows you to set a login password as well as the individual passwords for each file and folder to provide you with tight security.wise-folder-hider-pro-3-41-license-key-download

Pros and Cons of Wise Folder Hider Pro 3.41:

Pros Cons
  • Wise Folder Hider Pro v3.41 patch is a small and safe tool to hide your sensitive data
  • It provides with an encrypt file option as well when hiding the file
  • The GUI and ability to hide files are greatly improved in this Wise Folder Hider Pro 3.41 Activation
  • There is also localization and language support present with this version
  • In certain cases, there is a problem of freezing of the program when you enter a wrong or false password to unhide the file
  • There is also an issue of failing in detecting the hidden file while uninstalling the program
  • There is no search option, and you have to manually find files and folders once you have chosen to hide them

Wise Folder Hider Pro 3.41 Key Features:


The deployment of the Wise Folder Hider Pro 3 keygen is very easy on your system as all the settings and options are already configured. Unless you want to change the default destination folder, you just need to click the install button to install the program, on your PC.Wise Folder Hider Pro 3.41 License Key Download

Password Protection: 

In order to start the basic process of the program, you need to set a password on the program. The program also allows you to set a master password on your computer so that you can easily remember that password. Each time you run the program, you have to add the security key.

Operating Selected Items: 

All the files and folders that you choose to view are displayed in the main window. All the information regarding lock, status, and the operations such as hide, unhide or set the password on the file and folder. However, when you unhide the item using Wise Folder Hider Pro 3 activation code, there is no integrated option to hide the item again.


The application suggests you to drag and drop the files in the main window to simple hide them. In addition to that, a context menu entry is also added to make the process of hiding further simple and easy.

The Final Verdict: 

Wise Folder Hider Pro v3.41 license key is a useful security tool that is great to use as a day to day protection tool for your files and folders.


Wise Folder Hider Pro v3.41 crack is a straightforward tool to hide folders and files that you don’t want to be breeched by other users logging on to your computer.

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